About Linda & Co.

Hey there shoppers! I'm Linda, Your Consignment Chick, and have I got goodies for you...

I'm what some might call a Jill-of-all-trades, a dabbler, someone with a lust for life! I went to law school but decided family came first... explored retail, wholesale and shopping for sales.


And that's what brings me to being Your Consignment Chick! I love a good bargain, good fashion and people. Put that all together and you've got my incredible consignment shop!

You know those beautiful gowns you so thoughtfully picked out for that special occasion. I'm talking about the one you wore for 5 hours! Then it sits in your closet, and for what? Consign it!  That's the whole point of this. You get to let someone else enjoy wearing it for their 5 hours and you get some money to buy more things with!